Hotel and Catering

Voyonic Crew Management can provide assistance with hotel and catering through our experienced and established catering services provider, Voyonic Marine Catering Services.

Those services include:

Reviewing and documenting Policies – we can assist in implementing and setting clear, concise policies on safety, pollution, HACCP, catering standards, health, hygiene and risk assessment and setting the highest marine industry standards on-board client vessels.

By utilising the Voyonic Marine Catering Services Victualling program from day one we are able to take control of all aspects of the onboard hotel and catering function to ensure compliance with the agreed policies and the delivery of an efficient high quality service.

The system prevents over-ordering, eliminating wastage of food products and ensuring reasonable costs and high quality provisions for vessels, both in port and under way.

The menus are designed to be of restaurant quality without restaurant costs, which cater for all dietary requirements and take into account availability of provisions in the operating locations, seasonal produce etc.

Our service also includes ensuring that the catering team onboard are fully trained in their roles and refreshers are provided as and when required.

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