Payroll and Payments

In an increasingly regulated world ensuring the efficient, on time payment of crew becomes ever more challenging.

Our payroll and payments providers have been carefully selected to work with our Group to ensure the seamless payment of over 5,000 seafarers located in over 90 jurisdictions and being paid in various currencies around the world.

Part of our take on and monitoring service is to identify any potential liabilities for tax and social security that may arise by virtue of where seafarers reside or where the vessel that they are on operates.

Whilst this also forms a part of our initial recruitment criteria, whilst vessels move around the world it is important to identify any potential situations arising by virtue of that movement and ensuring compliance throughout so that you the owner do not receive any surprises.

With online payslips becoming the norm we are continually striving to enhance both the seafarer access to their own information and similarly your own management information as close to real time as practicable.

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