In keeping with all our services, technology plays a large part in the arrangement of travel for our crew.

Where practicable we also believe that the vessel crew themselves have a large part to play in ensuring a smooth travel operation and in particular where vessel delays may occur and last minute changes are required.

Our drive to ensure that there is good crew retention assists in the delivery of an efficient travel service and certainly the more we can minimise unplanned crew changes the better for all.

Utilising marine fares and by establishing a clear travel policy at the outset of each contract, our aim is to ensure that manual intervention is kept to a minimum and the best fares are secured at all times via the booking system.

Voyonic Crew Management Group continue to monitor the travel programme that we use to ensure that you the client are always on the receiving end of the most cost effective travel.

Where visas/inoculations may be required this is all factored into the planning and these services are delivered as a part of the service.

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